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5 Questions to Ask

This article was published by the ACA (American Chiropractic Association) in regard to information that you, the patient, needs to understand during the course of your musculoskeletal care.

It is very enlightening that we do these things already in the office at InBox, by educating as much as we possible can about your injury.

Without further ado, here we go:

  1. Do not obtain spinal imaging for patients with acute low-back pain during the six (6) weeks after onset in the absence of red flags.
  2. Do not perform repeat imaging to monitor patients’ progress.
  3. Avoid protracted use of passive or palliative physical therapeutic modalities for low-back pain disorders unless they support the goal(s) of an active treatment plan.
  4. Do not provide long-term pain management without a psychosocial screening or assessment.
  5. Do not prescribe lumbar supports or braces for the long-term treatment or prevention of low-back pain.

The article goes into much more details for each point made.  I will deconstruct them in separate parts in future posts.  Stay tune for some knowledge bombs in the near future!

Parting words of wisdom-  Please don’t stay into the eclipse on Monday.  Be kind to your retinas.


Dr. B

Tyler Bryant