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What’s the first thing you think after you realize you’ve injured yourself? For me, it’s doubt that I will ever be able to fully recover and get back to doing what I love. When I discovered I had a groin/hip injury, Dr. Bryant was nothing but professionalism – he just gets it. After my first visit with Tyler I walked out with a huge smile on my face feeling better than before my injury. After the second visit I was cured, and the last visit was purely a formality. I’m not saying this is how it’ll be for every injury, but I’ve been to many doctors before him, and he is miles above the rest. He got me back in the chase for weightlifting, and I am eternally grateful for that.

Evan B., Coach at CrossFit 925

We coach a community of 100+ CrossFit Athletes and feel confident referring them to Dr. Bryant for care. His knowledge is vast in the area of bio-mechanics, and he delivers useful, understandable information on injury prevention and treatment for training related trauma. He has led group injury prevention clinics for our athletes, and we have implemented his tips into our training and workouts to ensure we all maintain our bodies. Dr. Bryant has become our friend, and he is someone we trust with our health.

Art & Alisia P., Owners/Head Coaches CrossFit Unchained

Dr. Bryant’s expertise and knowledge is amazing. He is very good at what he does. My whole left side was messed up from my knee to my shoulder, and the other doctors determined I had a herniated disk in my neck. They suggested pain management and shots in my neck. That was not going to happen. To this day I have no shots in my neck and no pain management doctor. I will always go to docs like Dr. Bryant, because I want to run my 5ks and do my Bootcamps. I am 54 years old and in great shape. This is the way to go, because you will get relief without drugs or surgery.

Deva S., San Antonio, TX

I find Dr. Bryant’s best asset is his ability to communicate effectively and assertively to manage interactions with his patients. As a model of both clinical and instructional behavior, he is in a league of his own in educating and providing clear expectations across any and all demographics.

Drake M, Dallas, TX

Dr. Tyler Bryant is one of the best! I had very severe shoulder pain and issues, meaning I couldn’t turn the ignition key without crying. Within six visits over a month and half, he got me back to full working order with no pain whatsoever! He was always very informative, explaining how pain can be caused through movements and how the therapy will work. He has set the bar pretty high for any other doctor I meet. I highly suggest seeing him, you’re in great hands!

Desi P, San Antonio, TX

The treatment and knowledge Dr. Bryant has shared has given me remarkable results, allowing me to remain pain free. Dr. Bryant always has an excellent understanding of the various injuries I have incurred, along with the ability to conduct the rehab on those injuries. I trust his knowledge and expertise so much that I’ve invited him to my studio on multiple occasions to educate my members on the benefits of proper movements.

Yvonne P, Pleasonton, TX