Frequently Asked Questions

We charge $195 for the initial visit and $165 for the follow up visits. You will need to pay either before or at your appointment with cash, check or credit card. We are able to accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flex-Spending Accounts if your insurance plan has one.  You may be able to submit for reimbursement for Chiropractic services and receive 40-80% of the cost back from your insurance company. Please contact your insurance company and find out the specifics of your insurance plan in regards to out-of-network chiropractic services. All first-responders will receive a professional discount for services.

Your initial visit will be 60 minutes long. Follow-up visits will be 45-50 minutes long and a re-evaluation for a new complaint will be 60 minutes long. With every visit, we make sure we put every minute toward helping you get out of pain as soon as possible.

InBox has decided to be an out-of-network provider because directly taking insurance does not support our treatment philosophy. What does that mean? Basically, we believe in one-on-one treatment based completely on the needs of the individual client. Typical insurance based chiropractic clinics need to see about three patients per hour to be profitable. At InBox, we feel that this model is broken, and we refuse to sacrifice our clients’ quality of care. Your visit at InBox will be one-on-one with a Doctor of Chiropractic the entire time.

Yes. You can send in a self-claim to your insurance company for chiropractic services. You should be able to print claim forms off your insurance company’s website, and send them in with the receipts and treatment codes that will be provided upon request at the clinic. The amount of reimbursement, or payment toward your deductible, depends on your insurance plan. If you are planning to submit for reimbursement, you should call your insurance company prior to visiting InBox. Ask about reimbursement for out-of-network chiropractic expenses, and make sure there are no other requirements, such as pre-authorization, before you get started.

At InBox Rehab, we utilize manual therapy, meaning all treatment will be done by your doctor’s hands. For optimal results, we work with the soft tissue and help realign fascial planes. By addressing fascial distortions and problems in the soft tissue, your symptoms will dramatically improve immediately after the first visit – typically by over 50%. Then, the active recovery exercises you’ll do at home will reinforce those fascia changes. That’s why only a few visits are needed for injury resolution. Research and evidence show that the most effective way to treat a sprain or strain is manual therapy paired directly with active recovery techniques, so that’s exactly what you’ll get from InBox Rehab.

Basically, it’s soft tissue that surrounds everything thing in your body: muscles, bones, organs, nerves, blood vessels, etc.. Like a 3D web, it’s part of a connective tissue system connecting and spreading throughout the entire body. When you experience an injury, it’s the fascial tissue that becomes distorted. These distortions will cause pain symptoms and mobility problems. By addressing these problems in the fascia, your body is able to repair and heal.

Only when necessary. After a thorough evaluation, we’ll use traditional joint manipulation and mobilization during your visit. If your assessment tells us too much motion is occurring, then no chiropractic adjustment is needed. However, if analysis shows the spinal segments are not moving enough or are moving improperly, then yes; a manipulation will be administered.

No. In the state of Missouri and most other states in the country, chiropractors are Portal of Entry Providers, which means no referral is necessary. Click here to schedule an appointment.

Typically, we are able to resolve in an average of 3-4 visits over a period of 2-3 weeks. Chronic or long-term conditions require more time, and some acute situations may require less. Every presentation is different and unique, so each treatment plan is specific to patient and his or her unique injury.

No. Although we pride ourselves on getting athletes back to their sport as quickly as possible, they are not our only patients.  We treat musculoskeletal injuries of all types, from headaches caused by working a desk job to ankle sprains from a family football game.

At InBox, there’s no shots, pills, potions, or lotions. Our model consists solely of manual manipulation and active recovery, so it’s completely natural and non-invasive. Our goal is to help eliminate your pain as quickly as possible without the need for pharmaceuticals. The State of Missouri prohibits chiropractors from prescribing medication.

Yes!  We love being able to help get the kids back on the field of play as quickly as possible.  We have seen as young as 5 years old.  There are many common pediatric musculoskeletal injuries, such as Osgood Schlatter’s, Sever’s Disease, and ankle sprains that InBox Rehab is able to help resolve very quickly.